An amazing account of how Bradford’s City Hall, Police Department, Courts and cells have experienced paranormal activity in recent years. The book describes how police officers have been subject to a range of poltergeist activities during the course of their duties and how a phantom known as ‘Chains Charlie’ has terrified staff at City Hall.

Cold spots in rooms and halls, flying objects. phantom figures glimpsed on the edge of vision. Throughout 2014 and 2015, areas of Bradford City Hall used by the police experienced all of them. The sightings were totally inexplicable, but there was one prime suspect: ‘Chains Charlie’, City Hall’s resident ghost.

The ghost has been caught on CCTV and is believed to be the only genuine image of a ghost ever recorded.

So who do the police call when they’re being haunted? Enter author Les Vasey, the Psychic Detective, himself a former senior police officer and a member of the Society for Psychical Research.

I’ve carried out a number of poltergeist investigations but these events have been the most authentic and most difficult to explain. I’m satisfied that these accounts relate to genuine paranormal activities.

Les Vasey

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  • Publication Chains Charlie - The Ghost Of City Hall
  • Author Les Vasey