Les Vasey

Author and Historian.

The author has enjoyed successful careers in the police service, health sectors, training, business and international affairs. He has also worked with local charities and the media.  He is a much sought-after after dinner speaker.

He initially served in the former West Riding Constabulary in Shipley before transferring to Bradford City force in 1968.   He served in uniform, Vice  and as a Detective from Bradford City Hall.  He has personal experience of the old cells and court room and advised on media productions for that period.

Les served in Bradford’s Vice Squad during the late 60s and early 70s and experienced first hand the tragic events associated with the Yorkshire Ripper.  His latest book ‘Keeping the Peace‘ recounts his experiences on the streets of Bradford during those dark days.

He was seconded to South Africa during the first democratic elections in the 1980s and commended for his leadership by the Home Office for helping to bring about a peaceful transition to democracy in that country.

Les became divisional commander for Bradford Central and helped establish various multi-agency initiatives including Drug Watch, Bradford Inner City Licensing Association and City Centre Beat.   For a number of years he was also a senior visiting lecturer at the National Police Staff College at Bramshill and a historical / police media consultant.  

Over the years he has taken a particular interest in Bradford’s social history and in particular the City Hall.

He is currently a guide at the Bradford Police Museum, (Under the Clock) where, along with other colleagues, he shares police related anecdotes.

As a member of the Society of Psychical Research he has taken a keen interest in reports of paranormal activities.

His recent investigations into reports of paranormal activity are sometimes shared with the visitors to the Bradford Police Museum in City Hall.

Currently publishing book ‘Keeping the Peace’ history of policing Bradford during Ripper and Race Riots.


Psychic detective in the Bradford Police Museum
Psychic detective in the Bradford Police Museum