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Welcome to Spectral Books a Portrait of Victorian Police

Spectral Books is a UK based publishing company with a global presence.

We publish books of historical interest with a special focus on Bradford’s police force.  Spectral books is a rich source of fascinating tales and colourful characters that emerged after the industrial revolution, when Bradford became the world leader in textile manufacturing. Some of Bradford’s other Victorian characters include people like Smith Wigglesworth who became an internationally recognised preacher.  Smith Wigglesworth became connected to Bradford’s police department through his link with James Berry.  Berry a former Bradford Police Officer went on to become a famous British hangman.and was subsequently saved by Wigglesworth from a suicide bid and went on to become an evangelist and abolitionist.


Spectral Books has collaborated with Bradford’ magnificent police museum ‘Under the Clock’  to bring to ‘life’ the characters of that former police force.  We are involved in an ongoing lengthy process of researching the life and times of the police officers who served in Bradford Borough and City Police Force during the 19th Century.  There will be many relatives alive today undertaking ancestral research on former Bradford policemen who we would love to hear from.  Hopefully we can help fill the gaps in their current ancestral knowledge.

The investigative authors of Spectral Books have brought to light many mysterious and unexpected tales relating to brutal murders and hauntings by former prisoners. (Chains Charlie the Ghost of City Hall)  Many of these mysteries continue to fascinate our readers and historians alike. Spectral Books are particularly indebted to all our partners without whom we would be unable to share this fascinating history.

Mr Les Vasey a former Deputy Director of the Bradford Police Museum undertook an in depth investigation into the reports of psychic phenomena taking place in the police department, cells and areas of Bradford City Hall 2013/14.  He reported a range of psychic events including, poltergeist activity and apparitions which seem to be linked to the legend of the ghost known as Chains Charlie.




We welcome any contributions from readers wishing to add any material and in particular from descendants of former bygone police officers. Please contact us for more information.


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